Our Objective:  Bring closure to grieving Pet Owners as quickly,  
economical and
compassionate as possible.

Ray Carnes established Resthaven Pet Cemetery in 1975 to serve East TN.
Veterinarians and Pet Owners. Cremations began in 1980.

Frank Carnes retired from the fast paced California business world and joined Ray
in 2003.

Resthaven is located in the Countryside of Seymour, TN. midway between
Knoxville, Maryville, and Sevierville.

Brothers Ray and Frank are both retired and strive to maintain pricing as
economically as possible while providing Veterinarians and Pet Owners their best

We encourage Pet Owners to make Per-need arrangements for Pet burials in our
Pet Cemetery to insure pets are buried side by side and enjoy a discount for
Per-need arrangements.
Ray Carnes
Frank Carnes